Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Deep, Philosophical Thinking........

This guy here was mentioned in a friend's post on Facebook lately, and I've been singing one of his songs in my head ever since.  So I thought if I purged here on the blog, I might get over it.   Sir Elton John is one of my most favorite artists from my high school and college days, back when he could sing high notes, was skinny, and wore those ever-so-fabulous glasses.  

First, let me say that my husband, Greg, and I agree on most everything.  However, he just never "got" rock music.  He was too busy playing whatever ball game was in season.  His complaint?  "I can't understand the words!"  (eyes rolling here....)  I mean, as IF words were important.  I won't even go into Neil Diamond's literary contributions.  But Elton?  His songs were about the SOUND.  But since this song's been in my head, I was curious......okay, bored... I decided to dig up the lyrics to "Levon."  It's VERY dramatic, what with a whole string orchestra behind it, and whenever I hear it I belt it out like I'm Elton himself!

Below are the lyrics, written by Elton and Bernie Taupin, for us to examine:

Levon wears his war wound like a crown

He calls his child Jesus

'Cause he likes the name

And he sends him to the finest school in town

Okay, so this Levon fellow was in a war. He names his son Jesus, and he sends him to a private school.  That makes sense, although I wouldn't name a child Jesus.  That's asking for trouble.  Every time someone stubs their toe and yells "Jesus"," this kid is going to be jumping out of his drawers.  And he's liable to get the big head, thinking all those hymns are about him.

Levon, Levon likes his money

He makes a lot they say

Spends his days countin'

In a garage by the motorway

Okay, so Levon is rich, and doesn't have an accountant.  Got it.

He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas Day

When the New York Times said God is Dead

And the wars begun

Alvin Tostig has a son today.

This is where the confusion sets in.  All these years, I though that last phrase was "I was hopin' to have a son today."  Anyway, Levon is born on Christmas Day.  And then the New York Times, on Christmas Day, said "God is Dead," which started wars?  I remember as a kid (18 yrs old) that Time Magazine had a bold caption, "Is God Dead?"  The Viet Nam War was raging......but I doubt it's because somebody thought God was dead.....

And who is Alvin Tostig?  Levon's father, I'm left to assume.  So Jesus' name is Jesus Tostig?  Urgh.

And he shall be Levon

And he shall be a good man

And he shall be Levon

In tradition with the family plan

And he shall be Levon

And he shall be a good man

He shall be Levon.

Enough already.  We'll call him Levon.

Levon sells cartoon balloons in town

His family business thrives

Jesus blows up balloons all day

Sits on the porch swing watching them fly

Wait, I thought Levon was supposed to be rich?  Selling cartoon balloons? I can understand being wealthy if you were a cartoon balloon manufacturer, but this Levon guy just sells them.  Is there really that big a market for balloons shaped like Hello Kitty?  And this kid blows the balloons up and lets them fly off.  How is Levon making a profit?

And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus

Leaving Levon far behind

Take a balloon and go sailing

While Levon, Levon slowly dies

So, apparently, Jesus doesn't like Levon too much, seeing as how he wants to leave him behind to slowly die.  But why does he want to fly a balloon to, of all places, Venus?  From what I hear, it's very cold there.  I guess the songwriting decision came down to:  What rhymes with Jesus?  
Portland - nope. Vegas, nah.  How 'bout Venus?  There you go.

While the song doesn't indicate if Levon is cruel or mean, it does give us one clue as to why Levon wouldn't be held in such high regard by his son - he named him Jesus Tostig!  If he would have named him Ted or Earl or Skip, the kid would probably love his father and wouldn't let all those balloons go flying off.

The point of the song?  What does "Levon" tell us?  Hmmm, I've narrowed it down to two possible themes:

1.  Don't name your son Jesus Tostig.  He'll hate you.

2.  Elton John and Bernie Taupin were on dope.  

3.  And here's the deepest, philosophical one:  Maybe "He Shall Be Levon" is making reference to the fact that Levon wants Jesus to be just like him, and not allow him his independence.  

You make your own determination.  In the meantime, pass the dope.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Back Yard Fun

Thank goodness it's cool in our backyard....with breezes from the mountain and Burch Creek.  We had the whole bunch over....again.....for food and fun.



TABLES 3 & 4?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter at the Shreeves

Another fun Shreeve holiday is history.  What a beautiful day!  We were able to have our annual Easter Egg Hunt in warmth and sunshine.  This year, as I was contemplating just how and what I wanted to do for our egg hunt, there was one thing I was sure of.  I didn't want to incorporate a bunch of candy in immeasurable amounts to my grandkids.  They get candy at school, from the real Easter Bunny, and most of them don't even enjoy it.  Imagine that!

So this year I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of fun easter toys....silly putty, play dough, bubbles, stickers, etc.  About 60 items.
Then I took a picture of each individual item and printed them all off.  Like this:
A Cute cardboard book 


I folded each picture and stuck it in a plastic egg.

Then assigned my assistant (hubs) to hide them in the yard.
The numbers don't mean anything.....from another year's idea....

Here are a few pics of the kids.....they had so much fun.  It was the Twins' first egg hunt.
Oliver and Liam

When they had accumulated all their eggs, they opened them to find pictures of the prizes they won.  They then matched it with the actual items on the prize table.  It turned out really fun!!!  

Then it was dinnertime... a few pictures of the celebration...

I tried my amateur hand at chocolate egg decorating...

Dessert Table


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

It all came together nicely.  One would never suspect that only moments before the guests' arrival, I felt like this.....
But then, isn't that how it always is?  At least with me, it is.....

Because our family has grown exponentially these past couple of years, we had dining areas in various rooms...  the Dining Room, the Living Room, my Office, and the Foyer.  All three are near each other and can overlook the Foyer, which is where the Kids' Table was set up.

The placemats were laminated pictures of a blank table setting.  In the envelopes were laminated "food items" for the kids to place on their blank plates.  There were also pictures to color, and puzzles to complete.

They had a great time!

Here's a much calmer looking Grandma explaining the Kids' table activities.  

Greg and his sisters, Jodi, Becky, and Staci.  Where's his brother Chad?  He's MIA...

Ah, THERE he is!  I take it his wife, Diane, did not want her picture taken.  Hmmm?

It was so great to have Staci and her family here this year.  They stayed at our home with their three children for the weekend.  This was the first time in over ten years that all five original Shreeve siblings were all together in the same place.  What a treat for all of us....especially their Dad, Wayne.

Catching Up - Halloween 2012

Yes.  I know.  It's been a loooooong time since I blogged.  It's just cuz Facebook is so much faster.  But I wanted to post a bunch of pictures of some past activities, and Blogger is still the best way to go about that.

So I'll begin with HALLOWEEN....

Here we have my youngest boy, Bryce as "The Mad Hatter", his wife, Jen, as "Alice in Wonderland," and their darling twins, Oliver and Liam as "Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum."  Everyone voted them "Best Overall" at the "Shreeve Family Annual Halloween Party."  They never disappoint.....

My Daughter, Brooke, and her husband, Ty, aka "Superman and uh, Superwoman" were voted "Best Couple."

And here I am as "Lucy," with Lucy's pimp....    aka Greg Shreeve, who was voted "Most Sexy."  I agree!

My Niece, Elizabeth and her new husband, Ethan took the "Cheesiest" award for coming dressed in beach attire, I love the Zinc on their noses!

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures of Winston NOT enjoying his costume, as usual.....
"Man, I hate looking like a stupid chicken....."

Check out Jake, aka "Spiderman."  He won the "Scariest" award.  Hailee won "Cuddliest" for her costume as a pink "Carebear."

Unfortunately, for some reason I could not find a picture of the all-important award of "Ugliest" person at the party.  That went to our nephew-in-law, Nick.  Anybody got a picture of him?  He was such a good sport to accept that award so enthusiastically.  :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Game Room Re-Vamp

We have a Mother-In-Law Apartment without a Mother-in-Law.  What to do?  Make it a game room, of course!  We thought about a theater room like so many are putting in.....  but we didn't want to go sit in some "other" room when we are perfectly comfortable lollygagging on the couch, with the kitchen so close by.  The grandkids love the pool table (Jake calls it "bowling").  However, said "pool room" was a tad...well, truth be told....a LARGE Tad BORING.  With walls I call "the belly of the pig."

We searched for some inspiration.  I mean, how, exactly does one decorate a game room anyway?  This is what we started out with.  This is not our room, as I forgot to take pictures beforehand.  But this is the gist of it, without the pool table lamp... and we don't have cupboards above the bar, or a chair rail.  But the rest is exactly the same.  Blah walls, blah everything.

Okay.  Greg wants a "Man Cave", which is what every guy wants these days, I guess.  So we hit the Web for some inspiration.  He wanted to incorporate "The Beatles,"  "Coca Cola," and some road signs he "borrowed" from the Highway Department when he worked on the road crew in his teens.  Here's our inspiration:

I know, there's no pool table in there.  But ours will be in the center.  I've had some spare time of late, and we've been making the most of it.  Here's what we've done so far:

Not to worry, that's just the primer for the red wall...  But it did remind us of something...

And since it was Valentines Day afternoon.....I just couldn't resist.....

Soon the Pepto Wall became red, in honor of our nation's favorite beverage...

Next we'll be doing this wall coke-glass green, in honor of ....coke glasses...

Like the green wall in our inspiration picture.  More to come!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The First Annual Shreeve Christmas Pageant

For what it's worth, I finally got to have my pageant.  We had them when I was growing up, then as my sisters had kids, they were the characters in the pageant...along with my kids for a while.  We'll always remember Brooke's debut as the angel, only to fall off the piano bench without warning,  Funny stuff.
Then our families got too large for one place, and we began to spend Christmases with our own immediate families.  However, Greg and I just didn't have the volume of people needed to continue the Nativity Pageant.

So....I said to myself...."Self, someday....when we have grandkids, we'll do it."  This year was the year.  I bought costumes from Oriental Trading, found a super simple script online, and added a few things of my own.  We had three babies to choose from for the part of Baby Jesus, but you know how babies are.....without fail, they become fussy just when you don't want them to.  So the part was given to "Baby Alive."

Even though I had visions of a beautiful, spiritual experience.....knowing it would NOT EVEN happen that way.... I was not disappointed.  But the real objective....making memories.....succeeded.  Here is the evidence:

 Everyone taking their places onstage...  Joseph arrived, in Bethlehem, with Mary and the Donkey
 (aka Winston)
 It became time for Mary to be Delivered, and she laid the child in a manger
 The Shepherds were visited, in the fields, by an Angel with good tidings....
"For unto you is born this day, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord..." 
" The cattle were lowing, the poor baby wakes..." because Winston kept barking at Baby Jesus. 
 (Notice the death grip on his snout by Joseph)
 A (reluctant) Star arrived in the East.....  Hahahaha!
To show the way for the Wise men
 Who brought gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
 Baby Jesus Quickly grew up.... as they worshipped him
 And was wrapped in a swaddling pink sweater with fur....
Our little Nativity Scene
Then we sang "Christmas Bells are Ringing" with Grandma at the piano.
Thanks to our illustrious narrator/bell ringer.
AND to Bryce, behind the scenes as our professional photographer.